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Nokia C2-02 Mic Problem Solution Jumper Ways Microphone

Nokia C2-02 Mic not working, Microphone is not working in Nokia C2-02, Voice is missing and can not reach to destination Mobile Phone, Mic problem, Microphone Solution in Nokia C2-02
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Nokia C2-02 Mic Problem Solution Jumper Ways Microphone
Nokia T5 and T4 for disassemble.
Universal Microphone.
Electronics Cleaner.
Hot Air.
Electronics Meter.
Solding iron.
Diagnostics & Solutions:-
Before Disassemble of Nokia C2-02 make sure that mic whole in Cassing ( housing ) is opened. And here is not any dust in it. Disassemble the mobile phone and remove mic microphone from mother board with solding iron.
Check points on mother board with miter and if any value is missing check all these parts that are given in red and blue color in above diagram.If any of them is missing apply jumpers as described in above repairing picture.
Replace new mic and apply jumpers to its negative and positive points. On the mother board Red color line shows ground print and Blue line indicates positive print of mic. So this will help you to solve mic problem in nokia C2-02
Apply solder on mic and Remove mic when it too hot so that mic print remain OK.
Don’t apply much heat with hot air it can damage the mother board.
Assemble with focus because if mic is not in its proper place voice will not reach to destination mobile. Or you will not be able to record voice in it.
for more detail and new tips and tricks about cellphone service problem keep visiting this page we will update cellphone service diagrams timely with new cellphone diagrams.some related post are also given bellow you can read them also for more information about cellphone.

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